Margaret Martinez, PhD.
Instructional Psychology and Technology

Senior Learning and
Development Strategist/Data Analyst

Professional Skills
  • Learner/Data Analytics
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Personalized Learning
  • BrainBased Learning Initiatives
  • Learning Orientation Research
  • Strategic Independent Learning and Development Strategies
  • Strategic Assessment and Measurement Strategies

Dr. Martinez has worked on educational psychology and measurement research, instructional design, learning, and technology for 40 years. She was previously the CEO of The Training Place, Inc. and Worldwide Director of Training, Conferences & Certification at WordPerfect Corporation.

She is nationally recognized for her learning orientation research based on advances in neuroscientific research, publishes internationally, presents at national conferences, and presents seminars and workshops.

She also developed the Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ) to support personalization. It provides a more strategic approach that encourages and supports knowledge engagement, transfer and retention and skill improvement. As personalization strategies become more relevant to the modern Learning and Development agenda, technology will also be useful in adapting to personal characteristics, needs and aspirations.

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Last updated: August 2018